MONITOR-SR Surround and ATMOS Expansion Unit
MONITOR-SR Surround and ATMOS Expansion Unit
MONITOR-SR Surround and ATMOS Expansion Unit

MONITOR-SR Surround and ATMOS Expansion Unit

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With the SR expansion unit, you can turn the award-winning MONITOR-ST into a versatile surround monitoring system. Need to work in 5.1, 7.1, 10.2? No problem, just include as many SR units as needed. The MONITOR-ST/SR combo is simply the most accurate, clear, and flexible surround monitoring solution available.

Designed by the legendary Chris Muth, the MONITOR- ST/SR system handles all of your input sources and speaker routing with crystal clarity and massive headroom delivered from a meticulously designed circuit built from only the highest quality components available. With its relay-actuated analog stepped attenuator, ever-expandable input channels and speaker outs, programmable I/O levels, all controlled via the sleek remote control, you can accurately dial in even the most elaborate surround systems for rock-solid imaging and crystal clarity. And because all the switching within the MONITOR-ST/SR combo is handled by relays, your audio signals are delivered to your speakers unadulterated, removing all the guesswork while tracking, mixing, or mastering.


  • Hand assembled in the USA
  • Audiophile-grade components throughout for crystal clear monitoring
  • Expand the MONITOR-ST into an elegant surround system
  • Programmable remote tethered by a single Cat 5e shielded cable
  • Customize the analog inputs, speaker sets and dedicated subwoofer output
  • Audiophile-grade analog stepped-attenuator volume control
  • Adjust for and store level offsets for different devices
  • Dedicated meter outputs
  • Use with Dangerous Music CONVERT-8 DAC for direct remote control integration and unmatched clarity

Dangerous MONITOR-SR Product Details and Specifications

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